Friday, May 3, 2013

Sleepover at TRQ's house

It's so beautiful outside today that this past Wednesday is becoming a distant memory.

A bad distant memory.

Meanwhile, I must report that I spent last night having a sleepover at TRQ and the Coach's house.    I had an event at the Provo Public Library, so I stayed in town after it was over.  TRQ and the Coach watched PERSON OF INTEREST with me--the first time they'd ever seen it--so they had a LOT of questions, which made me realize how complicated that show has gotten.  Can P of I pull it off w/o jumping the shark ala REVENGE?  It's walking a fine line right now.  We'll see.

MEMO TO PERSON OF INTEREST:   I am lighting candles for you as we speak, because I want you to stay good and keep your eternal soul so that my Thursdays will still have meaning come this fall.

Anyway.  TRQ remains one of the most interesting, original people I know.  This morning in the kitchen she made the following pronouncement to me and my father:  "The thing is that I find a smile is important.  But that's not what I wanted to say."

I grabbed a napkin and wrote those words down immediately so I would not forget them.  And, people, I'm gonna stitch them on a damn pillow.  Because, as often is the case, she's right.

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