Monday, May 6, 2013

The gang's (almost) all here!

I've started running (a little) in Liberty Park again, and I'm starting to see the Old Familiars, including--

--scruffy man with scruffy dog
--inline skating girl
--mom and daughter tag team
--chatty elderly woman
--bandy-legged war vet who walks three miles a day, seven days a week
--tandem bike-riding hippie couple

Still haven't seen the Latino man who runs around the park at the speed of blistering in spite of wearing tight jeans.  Hope he shows up soon.  He's the best.

Summer.  It's a-comin'!


Amelia said...

It's like Liberty Park Bingo!

Lisa B. said...

I hope we get to hear anecdotes from this crew all summer long.