Thursday, May 30, 2013

Facebook and the ER

This morning on the news I heard an interesting statistic.  Apparently the busier an ER gets, the more time ER employees spend on FB while on the job.  Did you know that?  Just think.  While you're there waiting with your kid who needs stitches because he got a garden trowel stuck in his forehead (true story), staff people are seeing if a poodle wearing a tinfoil cap can get more "likes" than Glenn Beck.

The announcer said people plan to study why this is the case, to which I can only say duh.  If you had to look at kids with trowels stuck in their foreheads all day long, wouldn't you want a diversion, too?


radagast said...

I vote for the poodle.

Jim said...

ER Doc's FB Status: "I just removed a trowel from a little dudes head!"

ER Doc's FB Friends Comments:
"Sick props 2 U"
"Do I smell a HIPAA violation? LOL :). Kid was lucky to have you."

ER Doc's FB Friends Like this:

CSIowa said...

I think they are wanting to connect with people (friends, family) in a non-professional, personal way as a means of managing their stress.