Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh, what fabulousness!

Thanks for responding to the prompt.  Please keep it up.  I'll be posting one every Monday--probably even after WIFYR is a distant memory, because I've enjoyed reading you.

I think the worst guest that ever showed up at our house wasn't a person--it was a disease.  Hepatitis, to be exact.

I've written about the Days When Our Eyeballs Were All Yellow before, so I won't go on and on.  But it was a terrible time.  I was pregnant and sick and everyone in the neighborhood ran away from us yelling UNCLEAN!  UNCLEAN!

I think TRQ was the first to suspect that we had the hepatitis going on at our house.  I finally took Alec to see the pediatrician who said that he (Alec) was yellow because he'd been eating too many carrots BECAUSE of course you know how four year-old boys are--just chowing down on carrots whenever they get the chance.

But I was desperate to believe we had a carrot problem and not a third-world-disease problem, so I told my mother what the doctor said.  To which TRQ said, "Yeah?  Your doctor's an idiot."

And she was right.

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radagast said...

I knew it. Stupid carrots. No one ever gets hepatitis from bacon. Oh, and, btw, th'art fabulousness personified, Ann.