Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An unfortunate choice of words

Today I took the granddaughter to story time at the downtown library which was (yet again) AWESOME.  Hats off, Salt Lake City Public Library!

Anyway.  Today the kids made puppets based on Mo Willems' pig and elephants books.  The kids colored Pig or Elephant faces, cut them out, glued them onto a paper bag and then selected a nose to glue on the puppet face.

So.  The granddaughter followed the puppet procedure.  And when it came time to the nose part, I said in a loud voice, "NOW PICK YOUR NOSE.  PICK YOUR NOSE."

You understand today's headline now.


radagast said...

Awesome grandma. Hanging out in libraries. Demanding nasal hygiene. Introducing granddaughter to the old school cutting and pasting arts. She's a lucky girl.

Louise Plummer said...

"Pick your nose" is as good as saying "poopies."

Emily said...

Did she roll her eyes? Oh wait, she's not a tween yet. You're good.