Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday prompt

This prompt comes from one of my favorite books for writers, Making a Literary Life by Carolyn See.  See recommends that you make up a list of ten influential people in your life and use that list as a starting point for character creation.  She also recommends coming up with a list with a nemesis or two.

This is a fun one.  Do it!

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James said...

Nemesis list:

1. al-Khwārizmī, the inventor of algebra. Letters and numbers should not mix. There is like an infinity of numbers, why does he need our few precious letters on top of that?

2. Michael Jordan, who totally got away with a push on B-Russ in the NBA finals. Of course the Jazz would have won game 7, because the fix was in. If the NBA is given the value of 1, the officials given the value of 2, the Jazz are 3 and Michael Jordan is 23mj, here's the equation for the chances Jazz had of winning:

23mj + 1+2+= 3/0

3. David Stern and his NBA co-conspirators.

4. Bernie Madoff...well not really. I never had any money invested with him, but its kind of fun to pile-on and kick a bad guy when he is down.

5. Pie.