Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday writing prompt

I've told students signing up for my WIFYR class that I would start posting prompts on Mondays.  Awesome idea, right?  So today's prompt comes from one of my favorite books--THE POCKET MUSE by Monica Wood.

"Write about the worst visitor who ever darkened your door."

Ready!  Set!  Go!


shelley said...

Oh that's easy. My uncle came to visit our family in Hawaii. My mom was in the hospital delivering my sister into the world, I was alone at home, and he showed up in nothing but a speedo. I had not met him before.

Bonnie White said...

Whew. That is creepy. Men should not wear speedos. Unless they are Matthew McConnaughy.

When I was in high school, we entertained a distant cousin from Romania. He was half manipulation and half creep. He's flatter my dad and make sure they had a steady of moonshine. When he asked my father if he could marry me to ensure his staying in Canada my dad actually considered it for awhile. Now that was creepy.

Emily said...

I'll have to think on that. This post mainly reminds me that I'm not going to WIFYR this year, which reminds me that I'm sad.

Emma said...

A woman my Dad dated came over for dinner, it was our first time meeting her. As we ate, she talked forever about why she was a vegan and all the recipes she had made. (While we cut into our flank steak) Then she asked us to guess what and where her tattoo was - awkward silence - and then she blurted out, "my eyeliner!" and we all forgot to swallow whatever food was in our mouths, maybe my steak fell out of mine, I don't remember. One of my sisters brought up a Harry Potter party she was going to attend, and this woman gave her the blank stare and asked, "What's a Harry Potter?"

I began to question in my mind if this woman lived under a rock and only had half a brain. Seriously, where did she come from?

Fast forward a few months and we were all meeting once again, this time at an In-n-Out where I watched the woman scarf down a double double.

vegan my ass...and I think she really is just a fool.

P.S. Things didn't work out between the pair. Hallelujah!

jake&annmarie said...

Suddenly a Knock on the Door is a short worth reading by Keret. The whole collection is first-rate lit.
The worst visitor to my front door would have to be those damn magazine vendors who want you to grade them on their "eye contact" abilities. Seriously?

Bruce Luck said...

Our visitor is not pleasant. He has robbed her of her strength and mind and now is going for her dignity. My mother's body is old and pained. She tells us strange stories and asks the whereabouts of her departed husband and wonders when they will be together again. She's lost her will to live. He's left her alive, but not living. I want him to go away, but I'm afraid she'll go with.