Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! And hey! How about a few goals?

Hey, hi.

I'm hoping your holiday was a satisfying one.  We had, of course, the unexpected detour to the hospital right before Christmas, but I am happy to report that the Coach is recovering nicely and driving TRQ crazy in the process.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the year ahead with much hope.  I'm eager to make progress on several fronts, including the writing front.  And to that end, I'm gonna make some general-ish goals, which include . . .

1.  Getting serious about sending the first few chapters of a YA mystery out there.

2.  Developing an idea for a middle grade series--and speaking of middle grade, maybe starting a novel suggested by an experience my friends and I had while walking Hadrian's Wall.

3.  Publishing something (things?) online and seeing where that takes me.

4.  Writing a column for the Trib every week and keeping it fresh.

5.  Developing one magazine story a month and seeing if I can sell it.

6.  Blogging every day for the year of 2013.

Okay.  About #6  I am stealing this idea from my good friend Lisa B. who just wrapped up a year of blogging.  Look at that final post of hers.  It should be required reading.  And it inspired me.  I have this sense that a bit of blogging (and that's what it will be--just a bit or two daily) would be good for me as a writer.  And fun, too.

That's what I want.  More fun.  So let's give it a try, shall we?

Here's to 2013.


Lisa B. said...

Hey, thanks for the nod! The thought of you blogging everyday makes me so! happy! and I am beyond happy to hear these ideas for writing. Maybe that's what I should focus on for my resolutions--that would be good. Cheers to you here at TWC (that's The Writer's Corner), and to you in general, out in the world like a boss.
Happy New Year, Ann!

Amelia said...

yay! Posts every day. This makes me happy too!

link2literacy said...

I have not posted on my blog since September. So my resolution is to start posting once a week, but I haven't started yet. This is a shame. I am writing nothing but email replies. Isn't that pathetic. I keep thinking life will slow down, but it isn't cooperating. What to do. Sigh. Loves ya, R.