Thursday, January 10, 2013


I like to keep track of "worsts."  Worst haircuts I ever had.  Worst dates I ever went on.  Worst novels I ever read.  Worst jobs I ever had.  Worst motel rooms I ever stayed in.  Stuff like that.

One of my Worst Lists is called "Worst Drive Home" and it looks like this.
1.  That drive Ken and I made over Soldier Summit in January.
2.  That trip Phil and I made from Provo to Salt Lake after I taught a night class at BYU.
3.  That time I had a blow out on a snow-packed 1-15 at the point of the mountain (thankfully Marvin the Tow Truck Guy showed up and offered to "satisfy me").
4.  That evening the kids and I drove down to St. George for the Presidents' Day holiday.


Tonight.  Coming home from Lisa B.'s house.  Things were fine at first.  Briefly.  And then POW!  The snow hit, and you know what I thought?  Thank goodness I have a coat, because if I die tonight, at least Ken can't say I died because I didn't have a coat.

I am glad to be home.


Louise Plummer said...

Amen. We drove home from Provo in it. I don't think I took a breath the whole time.

Lisa B. said...

Sheesh! I was worried, but I thought for sure you'd be ahead of it. but wow. so glad you made it, and so glad you're cozied up inside today. you ARE cozied up inside, aren't you?