Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And here's how columns get written sometimes

For some reason during the months of November and December, I knew well ahead of time what I was going to write about.  In fact, I had the columns blocked out on my snazzy white board.  And I thought to myself, "Hey!  I'm in the groove here!  Ideas will just come pouring out of me from now on!"

Then?   January.  And my brain froze.  It turned into a big old chunk of brain ice.  Nothing flowing through that thing.

I write my columns on Wednesdays, and by yesterday I was seriously alarmed.  NO IDEAS!  NO IDEAS!  Until I saw Ken thumb through a phone book, and I thought to myself, "Only old people like me and Ken use phone books."  And suddenly an idea was born . . .

I say this over and over again, but it bears repeating:  have a little faith in the process, people.  Believe that ideas will come.  And they will.

Especially when you have a deadline.

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