Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's v. true that parting is such sweet sorrow

We said good-bye to the Northa Carolinas yesterday before dawn at a crazy cold airport curbside.  They're home safe and sound now, and although they had a good time here, they're happy to be in their own nest.  And that's exactly how things should be.

I just want to say how much I enjoyed them.

I loved my granddaughter's coy looks, determined efforts to put oversized nickels into a plastic piggy bank, delight in the snow, and interest in the petting zoo that is our house.  Seriously, she's so!  cute!

I loved my daughter-in-law's willingness to laugh long and hard and to join in all the reindeer games, her appreciation of all things beautiful including a splendid chocolate peppermint cake from Tulie Bakery, her patience with a baby who didn't always feel well, and her kindness to the cast of a thousand in-laws (it's like an  Italian movie around here).

I loved my son's ability to recite awesome lines from every movie he's ever seen, his desire to make things (board games, excursions, meals) happen, his loyalty to the sixth sons, and especially his deep devotion to his girls.  What a good man he is!

Wishing them health and happiness for the new year.

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Emily said...

I want to be in your family. Lovely writing.