Monday, January 14, 2013

Mary, Mary

First, thanks for the help with the animal idioms.  You guys rock.

Second, I feel compelled to start today's post by mentioning a recent conversation I had at TKE.  My friend and co-worker said she'd just begun to understand something fundamental about me:  "You have a higher opinion of men than you should."

Here's the deal.  I've been unusually blessed to be surrounded by good and decent men, which has made it easy for me to think well of the species in general.  You should keep this in mind given what I'm going to say next.  This weekend I packed up a box for our missionary and as per instructions, I stuck Virgin Mary stickers all over it, because supposedly this protects the package from your would-be thieves, although if I were a thief in Chile I would go YAY!  VIRGIN MARY STICKERS!  THAT MEANS THIS IS A BOX WORTH STEALING!

But whatever.  That's not the point.

The point is this.  As I put those lovely stickers on the box I thought about how much I always like images of Mary and how I wish we'd had a few more of them while I was growing up.  Okay.  I am VERY happy being a Mormon.  It's a good fit for me, and I think much of the good stuff about me comes from my Mormon upbringing, not in spite of it.

Still, when I was a girl I was always a little dismayed that there wasn't more female-ness in the public arena going on.  Even though I never felt oppressed in any way by the patriarchy on a personal level--and honestly I think Mormon culture can grow truly admirable men--I always wanted there to be more institutional images of women.  You know.  Like Mary.

Maybe things are better now?  But growing up in the 60's and 70's, not so much.


Amelia said...

I think that we can continue to cultivate more images and role models of women in the church. I think that we have a responsibility to cultivate those images for younger generations! (PS I do think it is getting better!)

Louise Plummer said...

Hail, Mary full of grace. The Lord is with thee. I love the candles too. And the beads. And sometimes I'd like to say a memorized prayer for the right occasion.

The Mormon men in my life have been thoughtful and kind. Who could ask for anything more?

Lisa B. said...

Love this post. Agreed, frls, about Mary and wishing for more of that kind of imagery/iconography. I also agree that there are plenty of lovely Mormon men. But finally: I am mad for the idea of the Virgin Mary protecting your Mormon missionary's box. Perfect.