Friday, January 11, 2013


TRQ and the Coach are crazy about each other.  They also drive each other crazy.  So yeah.  We've always got a little bit of The Crazy going on.

The Current Crazy involves germs.  TRQ tends to see germs everywhere--lurking in the jungle like Sandinista rebels, waiting to take you (and also the Nicaraguan government) DOWN.  The Coach, on the other hand, barely believes in germs.

Anyway, last Saturday when I went to my aunt's funeral, I apparently infected my mother with The Sick that laid me low for most of the week.  She took to her bed yesterday, but not until she gave my father a surgeon's mask to wear so he wouldn't get sick next.  (She is--and rightly so--anxious to keep him well as he recovers from the open heart thing.)  Apparently he even wore the mask.  Except that instead of wearing it over his mouth, he wore it around his neck.

You know.   To prevent the spread of neck germs.


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