Friday, January 25, 2013

Prompt Journal

Son Numero Tres and his bonita esposa gave Ken and me a lovely gift this Christmas--journals in which we write our life stories using prompts.  This week the prompt was about our names and how we got them.

Of course I know where my middle name, Louise, came from.  It's a family name--TRQ and my grandmother share it, too.  And I've always liked that it means "warrior maiden."  YES!  WATCH ME TAKE OUT MY SWORD AND HEW OFF SOME ARMS!

When I was younger, however, I was massively disappointed in my first name.  Ann.  Ann without an "e."  So boring.  So vanilla.  So not memorable.  When I was in the sixth grade I used to pretend it was short for Angelique.  Not just Angelique.  Angelique Dawn.

So yeah.  Apparently I was a frilly girl in the sixth grade.

Anyway, I asked TRQ last night why she selected that name and she couldn't remember other than the fact that it wasn't a "cutesy" name.  She didn't want me to be named "Tiffany" like all the other girls my age.

Okay.  I can totally promise you there were hardly any girls in the 50's being named "Tiffany."  We had to wait until the 70's for that particular crop of babies.  But I got her point.  And the older I've gotten the more I've appreciated the simplicity, the directness of the name she chose for me.

Well done, TRQ!


Emily said...

I love the name Ann. My middle name is Anne (with an E), but I like it both ways. Two of my daughters were almost Anne. But Alice and Jane won the pool.

I think it's a nice, classic name. Tell TRQ she did a nice job.

Louise Plummer said...

Ann, Anne is a classic, classy name. Paired with the name Louise--well, darling, it doesn't get any better than that.

James said...

Ann puts you at, or near, the head of the alphabetical lines...if you go by first names, that is. You married up the alphabetical chain when you went from Edwards to Cannon. All-in-all, I would say you are a well-named person.