Monday, March 9, 2009

Sarah Palin and stripper boots, part two

Wow! I just checked in over at the desnews website to see if my column this morning was getting any hits and yes! It is! In just a few hours there have been over 30 comments posted. For me this is unusual. Usually I only pull in a couple of public comments a week. The difference? I mentioned "Sarah Palin" and "stripper boots" in my piece.

So from now on (I will inform my editors) please mention "Sarah Palin" and "stripper boots" in my headlines, even if my column is about public education. (AS IF! I AM NOT WRITING A PUBLIC EDUCATION-TYPE COLUMN!) But whatever.

On the food front. I just sent the kids out to buy me a chili cheese dog (dude! with onions!) from Der Weinerschnitzel (probably not spelled correctly). I'll have it with a Mexican coke. Meanwhile I will make a crustless quiche with hash brown potatoes for dinner tonight. Throw in a good green salad, some roasted asparagus, a few fresh strawberries, and we'll call the dinner a healthy hit.


Sara Z. said...

wish list:

I wish Ann would post, on her blog, a link to her column every time it goes live.

Conga Keystone said...

Hi Ann,
I was one of those hits on your piece--"Sarah Palin and Stripper Boots."
Had Googled Sarah Palin ( ;-(
{I'm trying to wean from a SP addiction (I won't say for whom I voted in Nov.)} I realized I could be teaching myself how to do spreadsheets, or use a Photoshop Elements program or do other positive things, instead of wasting time searching online Sarah blogs and news.
A question to ask might be--of women who are either anti or pro Palin--why do we really dislike or like her so much? What needs of ours is she meeting? In my case, I...

Louise Plummer said...

Men like long hair on the pillow. That's all there is to it.

Pink Ink said...

I read your piece Ann, and laughed throughout your Sarah Palin disclaimer.