Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wrapping things up

So yesterday I finished up a major re-write of the novel. And I cried the whole time I wrote the ending because (don't you know) IT WAS JUST SO TOUCHING. I was behaving exactly like Kathleen Turner in ROMANCING THE STONE.

This afternoon when I re-read the final scene, I wasn't so sure. But I loved feeling brilliant for a day.

In other news, I think maybe I should stop eating cupcakes. For one thing, eating this many cupcakes can't be good for me. For another, I waste time driving around the valley, sampling. Maybe I should hire myself an intern to fetch cupcakes and tell me my endings are as good as I think they are. More on this later.


shelley said...

Ooo, can I take that job? I'd be a good cupcake deliverer, I would drive very slowly and carefully so as not to tip the cupcakes and ruin the icing. And I'm very good at giving a boost. Shall I send my CV?

Louise Plummer said...

You need a slave. Believe me you should be able to find someone who can follow up on the cupcakes while you keep churning out books.

Slaves are great workers after you show them whose boss. You might have to impale one or two to show the others that you a serious boss and don't expect any slackers on your team.