Sunday, March 1, 2009

Asking for your input

I wish I had thought of this earlier, in fact.

Here are the questions Brooke is planning to ask on Studio 5 tomorrow. Tell me how you would respond.
1. Do women have an innate desire to create?
2. Does every woman have creative potential?
3. How can we tap into our creative selves?
4. Does creativity require risks? What is the gretest risk you've taken?
5. What are the rewards?

There's also a bit on the website, asking readers to identify "creativity" triggers. What works for you?
1. magazines/books
2. browsing the internet
3. talking with others
4. family life
5. working out
6. nature/music

I plan to eat a good salad with a mustardy dressing today btw. Bacon will be involved.


Shannon said...

I'm not sure if it's a gender thing, but I do think creating is an innate human desire. I think as women we often dismiss creativity as "crafts." That sort of thing can be fun too, but I think true creativity is a workout of your soul. It makes you ask questions and wrestle and search for answers. When I meet someone who is unhappy, I often wonder, are you creating? Are you allowing yourself to be creative? Do you give yourself permission?

I'll be on Studio 5 on Tuesday at 11. It's a local author extravaganza!

Louise Plummer said...

I love that I read this one hour before the show. Even I can remember that!

I've broadened my whole idea of what creativity is: making the bed, cleaning up the kitchen, wearing an odd necklace, dancing in the kitchen when you're alone, walking through shops, painting a room, sitting on the floor with a child and making faces. So much of "creating" is learning to live in the present, which I've had a hard time doing, frankly. Good luck, dear Ann.

Louise Plummer said...

Oh, it's tomorrow! I'll be having a mammogram at that very moment. I'll think cretively while she heaves my old flabby breasts onto the cold plate.