Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mexican Coca-cola

Next to an icy cold Dr. Pepper in a can, I love me an icy cold Mexican Coca-Cola in a bottle. Don't know why it's so much better than American Coke, but it is. Anyway. I've been craving it lately, so I've been driving around the valley looking for it without much success. And then this morning I found it. On a shelf. At the Smith's. Next to my house. Dude.

This only goes to show how wise Uri Shulevitz was when he wrote one of my favorite picture books, THE TREAUSRE. He says "Sometimes one must travel far to discover what is near." Mr. Shulevitz, I call you master.

You'll notice that I was able to combine literature AND food in this post. Yes. I know. I'm a genius.


shelley said...

Maybe it's because they don't have MSG regulations :) just kidding.

Lisa B. said...

I love that you drive around to find things like Mexican Coke and Brach's Easter candy. One of your many, many charms.

cfarr said...

This is Carrie and Spencer Farr. He says that it is better because it is made with pure cane sugar and not high frutose, fake, corn syrup. Ashley told me about your blog and I am enjoying it a lot. I agree, Backer's cupcakes are AWESOME! btw ;) Have you tried a rum bar?

Mystery Girl said...

Ann, Les Madelaines on 5th have it. Mexican Coke in those large glass bottles it is soooo good!

btw thanks for the pressie:-)