Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bryan's wife is right

Cupcakes are uber trendy. Kinda silly we're all paying big bucks for something you got at birthday parties for free. But still.

Yesterday I bought minis at Mrs. Backer's--sort of the Queen Mother of all Salt Lake bakeries. Predictably they were quite lovely--fine, light, white. The frosting was simple with sanding sugar on top. Who can quibble?

Today, on the recommendation of the fabulous Vicky MacBride (coach Ron's wife for those of you care about football), I drove out to a place on Highland Drive called So Cupcake. I came home with six minis, one of which is blue. (Hmmmm. Not sure about blue food, as a general rule). I also bought two regular red velvet cupcakes because red velvet cake was my favorite dessert as a young girl growing up in the seventies. Red velvet cake felt soooo sophisticated to me then.

Oh. In other news, I wrote.


shelley said...

Utah is just now catching this trend. I like it though. It's yummy. It's cupcakes.

Lisa B. said...

mmmmm cupcakes.

I do think red velvet cupcakes, and cake, are pretty, but have never understood why they would be preferable to a chocolate cupcake. But to each her own. Minis are awesome because they are one or two bite-able, and that means you can eat more. Doesn't it?

Aaron and Ashley Walker said...

I found your blog through your website and I am loving it! Backer's has to be my favorite bakery. I always get one of little cake wedges. Yummy!