Monday, March 30, 2009

And a very happy birthday was had by moi

I woke up to snow--not exactly the kind of weather I would have ordered up for my birthday. But still. I had a fabulous day, filled with small pleasures. Here's a list of stuff I did.
1. Walked with Kathy long before sunrise
2. Ate tons of her chocolate marshmallow brownies
3. Drove Quinton to school and bought McDonald's for him on the way
4. Drove Geoffrey to school and bought Mcdonald's for him on the way
5. Made both boys give me hefty bites of their hash browns
6. Wore my (real) diamond earrings
7. Sprayed myself with perfume
8. Listened to Led Zeppelin, AD/DC, and Tom Jones
9. Danced in the kitchen
10. Ate more of Kathy's brownies
11. Visited with family and friends
12. Read birthday cards, e-mails and messages on my facebook wall
13. Ate Indian food with my mom
14. Ate cupcakes with my mom
15. Cut myself a hyacinth for sniffing purposes and stuck it in a tiny vase
16. Made dinner--steak, baked potatoes, steamed aspergas
17. Read funny bits to my brother Jim out of ANGLO FILES
18. Played cards
19. Danced some more (thanks for indulging me, Q!)
20. Watched an episode of MY NAME IS EARL
21. Watched Leno

What a great day!


Louise Plummer said...

Sounds like you know how to celebrate a birthday. Brava for Ann and her birthday. I'm so glad you're alive in the world.

Kerry said...

happy birthday! I'm glad you were born.

Emily Wing Smith said...

I add my "true dat" to the comments about how glad I am you were born. And what an inspirational mom, to get her boys breakfast on her own birthday! So unselfish.

Pink Ink said...

Belated happy birthday, Ann :-)

Led Zeppelin, woo hoo!