Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another question (for research purposes)

Say you're in the fifth grade and a genie grants you three wishes. What would you wish for?


Q said...

1st. See Jimi play the Monterrey Pop Festival in 67, and jam with him backstage afterwards.
2nd. Go back and see Blind Faith play at Hyde park in 1969.
3rd. Truly grasp the ability to play the blues (Without selling my soul to the devil...)

Lisa B. said...

1. live in France for a year.
2. another book or two of poems published.
3. everyone in my life is healthy and happy.

Put #3 in the #1 position, just so I don't look like a selfish monster . . . and that's it.

Alec and Randi said...

OK, so if I am a fifth grader it would be the following:
1 - That Jessie Wilson would like me back
2 - That I could grow armpit hair
3 - That I could eat out every meal

If I were granted three wishes now, they would be:
1 - Unlimited money
2 - Randi and I would be together every day until she turns 100 and then we would die peacefully at the exact same time
3 - That I could eat out every meal

Miss Magpie said...

1. To get a milk shake with my McDonalds Happy Meal.
2. That mom would buy me socks to match my shirt.
3. A one year pass to classic skating.

Kerry said...

1. candy
2. the ability to go to any store I want and get candy for free
3. the right to wish for more candy at any time for the rest of my life

(it's amazing I wasn't overweight as a fifth grader, right?)

Emma said...

1. That I wouldn't have to play dodge ball during P.E.

2. For 100% on my keyboarding test

3. To be student of the month rewarded with free lunch with the principle and my picture hung up in Main Hall.

(I was such a nerd)

dede said...

I asked my 5th grade daughter:
1. A cell phone, especially the flippy kind with a full keyboard so it is easier to text.
2. $500. (I asked her if she thought that was a lot of money and she said, "duh")
3. That her friends wouldn't get mad at her for dumb stuff.

Louise Plummer said...

Dede, how smart to ask a ten-year old! Who would have thought?

I would have wanted Reed Wallace to adore me.


Money to buy Jantzen sweaters and Joyce shoes instead of knock-offs.

Pink Ink said...

That I would get perfect vision and lose my glasses.

That my crush would say hi to me.

That school would be canceled for a day but we all still got to hang out with our friends at school.

Bryan Wilde said...

Well, if you read my post, "The Ketchup Kid," about a little deviant behavior I had in the 5th grade, you might expect that I would wish for ketchup - on all three wishes.

Lisa Romeo said...

Hmm....three wishes I would have made in fifth grade, huh? Okay:
1. Transfer out of the Catholic school.
2. Have thin thighs so I could roll my skirt like the popular girls.
3. Move to England, get a horse and ride across rolling green fields.

Never got 1 or 2. Got the horse, eventually, spent 2 weeks in England. Not bad stats.

Kerry said...

ooo. I also would have wished for my period to start. (and it wouldn't have occurred to me the short-sighted nature of such a wish.)

Jason said...

Ann, you don’t know how many times this scenario went through my head when I was in 5th grade, and 6th grade, and…pretty much anytime that I have had a free moment to let my mind wander since. The only difference was what that genie was wearing and how hot she was, of course my genie was a girl (I’m a 5th grade boy). So here they are:

1. Unlimited wishes, or the max she would give me.
2. The longest slip-n-slide in the world.
3. Football moves like Richard Daniels, of course.