Thursday, March 5, 2009


Okay. I was working on the novel today and suddenly! I noticed! how often! I was using! the word suddenly!

So suddenly I began asking myself why "suddenly" had suddenly become my favorite go-to word. And I decided that I was having a hard time with transitions. Like, I didn't know exactly how to make a connection between action "A" and action "B," so I just made it all happen "suddenly."

I haven't worked through the problem yet, but at least I'm aware of it. Lesson for the day? If you're falling back on a pet word or stock phrase over and over, try to identify why you're doing it. Then begin addressing the problem.

On the food front, I ate huevos rancheros at the Blue Plate Diner with Sara of the Fetching Sweater. And they were very, very good indeed.

On the high school basketball front, Provo High School beat Highland in the state playoffs. I know because I was there. I went to watch my friend Becky's daughter (Hey, Hannah!) cheer. And all I have to say is that once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog. Go, Provo!


Louise Plummer said...

Three out of my four boys graduated from Provo High. I'm glad they beat Highland! (While Highland is thinking Provo is a hick town).

And we've all had that "suddenly" obsession. I hardly dare use the word anymore.

Do you eat out everyday? I'm loving this food thing.

Emma said...

I love that you are working on another novel. I have enjoyed everything you've ever written, including letters, oh, and blog comments!

You can bet that I'll be blog stalking you now. Which means my dishes won't get done for that much longer.

donnette perkins said...

Hey! I'm suddenly thinking that I would like to be at a Provo High game with you eating red velvet cupcakes (one of they kinds I tried recently, by the way.) Suddenly, sitting at home reading blogs doesn't feel very special.