Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I'm doing tonight!

Going to hear Lisa B. read her poetry at the CityArt series, of course!

Some history here. Lisa B. and I have known each other since we were grad students together at BYU a million years ago. When I first met her she was discussing foreign films with loads of passion, and I thought to myself, "Dude! I would like to know that girl!" And lo and behold we became the best of pals. When I first started writing columns for Parent Express, I used to call her and read what I'd written for her seal of approval. Also, whenever we had babies--WHICH WAS OFTEN--we'd show up for each other with casseroles. (Side note: Lisa's casseroles were always better than my casseroles, possibly because fresh mushrooms were involved with hers.) The fact that we're still in each other's lives all these years later is a source of pure joy for me.

I love Lisa's poetry. But that's not why I'm going tonight. I always like to see what Lisa's wearing. Hot damn! That girl has got the sparkle thing going on!

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Lisa B. said...

can't wait to see you there! (you do a mean sparkle yourself, gf.)