Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chance encounters

I think I walked into The King's English bookstore for the first time during the mid-80's. I can still remember chatting with Betsy about books, basset hounds, and the Marmalade District where we both lived at the time. A few years later, shortly after CAL CAMERON was published, she asked me to work occasionally in the kids' room, and I have worked (off and on) (also occasionally) ever since.

Who knew what that would lead to.

What did it lead to, you ask? Friendship. Some of the people I love most in this world are there. I was reminded of that again last Friday when the staff threw me a little surprise party to celebrate the fact that SOPHIE'S FISH (due out March 15th) received a starred review from Kirkus.

Thank you, guys. Wearing the star necklace as we speak.


radagast said...

Love TKE. And congratulations!!

Louise Plummer said...

Woohah, Ann! Can't wait to see it.

shelley said...

I'm so glad you did start working at TKE some twenty years ago. We wouldn't have met otherwise, and you have enriched my life.

Vivian evans said...

You're A number one in my book. You have certainly earned your gold star. I feel likewise about the people at TKE.

link2literacy said...

** *** * * ** * **** * *** More stars for you, and I haven't even read it yet, BUT I remember your preview at JCIRA and I'm so thrilled for you. YaY! YaY! YaY!