Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today while I was driving around, I listened to a radio preacher extoll the virtues of spanking. He said that children understand how much it grieves a parent to spank them and also that the very act of spanking causes a child's guilt to be literally and figuratively flushed from his system. The child feels refreshed and renewed after a spanking. And, of course, after spanking comes the hugging part! Which only strengthens the bond between a parent and child.

Okay. I'm not here to talk about parenting/disciplining styles, because I really am a) not an authority and b) I remain open to the idea that there's more than one way to do things. I also believe there's a lot to be said for the personalities involved, as well as the context. So see? This isn't an anti-spanking screed. Not at all!

I'm just trying to remember how I felt as a kid when I got spanked--which wasn't often, because my parents didn't hold with it much. In fact, I probably got smacked more by teachers than I did by my parents. I do remember, however, very specifically how it made me feel. It didn't humble me. It didn't make me see the error of my ways. It didn't make me love the spanker. Or Jesus.

It just made me feel this incredible seething, roiling resentment, and it also made me vow to keep doing the thing I did that got me into trouble in the first place.

So much for that preacher man's sermon.


Lisa B. said...

What is this radio station you're listening too? I'm a little worried. (As my word verif says: "careful eepoten," which I think we all can agree means "talk radio, especially the kind with radio preachers on it, is scary.")

radagast said...

Whenever my parents (always dad) spanked me (also rarely), I think they were just following what they had heard were Best Practices in parental discipline techniques. I don't think their testimonies were strong. No burning in their bosoms for putting the burn to my buns ( oh yes I DID!). Their spankings always smacked of insincerity.

Louise Plummer said...

A spanking is humiliating for all involved. Never trust a preacher. Never.

Rachel said...

I know I never felt "refreshed and renewed" after a spanking. But speaking as a parent of four boys, I think every once in a rare while it's okay for children to feel some resentment/anger for their behavior.

Maybe? This is not a pro-spanking screed either.

candace said...

i used to laugh when i got spanked...to this day, I can't remember feeling pain...but i remember how frustrated my parents were! I hope my kids just cry. I don't know what I'll do with a laugher.

Joseph Ramirez said...

Dude. Refreshed and renewed. Almost makes you wish you were a kid again so that you could be refreshed.

Or... maybe I'll just drink a gatorade... or something... probably, simpler that way... y'know.

SWILUA said...

if you were running for president I would be so.damn.relieved.

that's all. xo

SWILUA said...

except it's not all.

I just this very second remember one afternoon when I got in trouble for something with my Mom. She hated spanking cuz it hurt her hand. (Concern for our butts? Meh.) So she called my dad out of the garage and told him to take me to my room and spank me.

He took me to my room.

Sat me on the bed.

Then he said, "Every time I clap my hands together, I want you to scream, okay?"

Which I did. Don't think Mom ever knew, either. :)

wjmom said...

Horrid, horrid preacher!