Monday, February 20, 2012

Barefoot in the Snow

One day during Show and Tell in the second grade, my classmate Dorothy Olsen raised her hand and said she went barefoot in the snow over the weekend. Her silent twin brother, John (who was the tallest second-grader in America) nodded. It was true. They asked their mom if they could play in the snow without their shoes on, and their mom said they could. So they did.

I marveled. Were these not the coolest kids EVER? The idea of running barefoot though the snow just seemed so magical. Like flying. Is Peter Pan in the house?

Anyway. I've never forgotten that Show and Tell moment. And yesterday when I had to nip quick outside to get something but felt too lazy to put on shoes, I decided, after all these years, to run barefoot in the snow myself. Which I did. Just like Dorothy and Tall John all those years ago. And here's what I discovered.

You get cold if you don't have your shoes on.

You're welcome.


Lisa B. said...

man, I have always wondered. thank you for performing this experiment. in the name of science, we all thank you.

Louise Plummer said...

I'll bet Dorothy and Tall John weren't out in the snow all that long either. Smart mother.

Emily said...

I love Tall John and his silent nod.