Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Thing I love about TRQ

She thinks I lead a dangerous life. This morning, for example, when I told her I was going up to the Bear River Bird Refuge today, she went, "Oooooo. Be careful!"

I love that in her imagination she feels like I could get into serious trouble looking through my binoculars at a flock of tundra swans. It makes me feel all badass.


radagast said...

Love that place. Sometimes not another human in sight.

Lisa B. said...

Well, you are a badass. Also, I hear those tundra swans are tough, son. So check yourself.

Emily said...

Ah. Another installment of the Rodeo Queen. I've been waiting! Love her.

SWILUA said...

I'm going to echo Lisa B. You are totally a badass.

SWILUA said...

waaait... there's a difference between

1) being badass


2) being a badass

isn't there? what is it?!

I mean #1 when I was talking about you, Ann. :)

SWILUA said...

argh. "meant." you would never know I teach grammar, would you.