Saturday, February 25, 2012

Here's something I learned this week

First! The column!

And here's what I learned this week. That person who wrote an article for the NY Times awhile back about how we used to judge people for their sexual choices but not for their food choice? But now how we judge people for their food choices and not for their sexual choices?

It's kind of true, I think. Some readers are e-mailing me because they're concerned about/appalled by about how much fat and sugar I appear to like. I am grateful that they care enough to a) read me and b) write me. I apparently have many cybermothers out there, which is awesome.

Thanks, Cybermoms!


Jeanna said...
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Jeanna said...

Hmmm... I was tempted to say, "Eat more sugar! More fat!" But now, I won't.

shelley said...

Oh, I'm so with you. To be perfectly honest with myself, I'd rather be on the chubbier side and enjoy food I love rather than be skinny and deprive myself of some of life's greatest joys. I really, REALLY enjoy food. Dessert, to be more specific.
And I've always loved your 'foodie' side. Keep on lovin' it!