Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Please read previous post before reading this one

. . . because you'll see things in a different light.

Last night, Alec asked if I'd seen his U of O sweatshirt and my first thought was, "Yeah, he probably secretly thinks I did something with it along with David's scarf." So I said no, although I did help him look for it. We didn't find it. So he called his cute mother-in-law (hi, Karin!) and SHE hadn't seen it. So then he wondered if he left it at one of the many eating establishments we've frequented in the past few weeks. Still, no sweatshirt.

"Here's the thing, Mom," he said. "I distinctly remember draping it over the back of a chair. I thought it was one of the chairs in the dining room."


Later I went to my closet to find something. And guess what was hanging up there. And suddenly I remembered! I found it draped over the back of the dining room shirt and I hung it up in my closet because I thought it was the new sweatshirt Sally had given me for Christmas.

They're the same color. Except that Alec's sweatshirt is big and green and has a big yellow "O" on it whereas my new sweatshirt is gray and O-less.

But whatever. The point is they're both freaking sweatshirts. A girl can get confused.


Anonymous said...

OmiTWIN!!! I SO do things like that ALL THE FREAKING TIME! I'm a little worried that one day you will be searching for something and come across a really cool scarf ALMOST identical to the one you gave Q and realize that it IS the scarf friend NANCY gave to you and THAT YOU REALLY DID STEAL DAVID'S SCARF (inadvertently, of course) and then "re-gifted" it to Q.

How dare I suggest such a scenario? Because IT FREAKING HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME!

Signed, Your TWIN in CRAZ.I.NESS

Lisa B. said...

I say, when people are staying at your house, anything can happen. I so hope you just took the sweatshirt and, without saying a word, put it someplace where your son could find it. I would be all, "I admit NOTHING." when he found it.

Jim said...

Great blog, but why does Alec want to wear an University of Oprah sweatshirt?

Write Chick said...

I stopped by your blog and have been reading all the posts and laughing my head off. (so would I write that as (LMHO?)
Anyway, I connected with all this stuff and I'm only in my thirties. It makes me fear for what I might be like at sixty. I guess I better work out so the Wii can tell me I'm really 20...instead of the 45 it gave me yesterday. :-)

I love your blog and will be stalking it regularly.

Louise Plummer said...

So what you're saying is we really are crazy, only we've been saying this all along, so why should we be surprised when our offspring deem us crazy.

I think we may be crazier than we originally thought.

Live with it, guys.

Randi said...

Haha! I LOVE it! Miss you like crazy already!

LucindaF said...

Ann, I'm missing a bunch of socks. I'm not accusing, just letting you be aware.
Thank you.
And is any of this related to the dish you kept that belonged to someone else for years and years?

Tiffany said...

Uh oh. I do this too. Why is it funnier when you do it???

Becca said...

This string of posts is making me very happy. I'm totally with you on this. I'm some kind of sub-conscious klepto, except I steal memories instead of accessories. LIke, "Hey, remember that time that I did that funny thing?" except that wasn't me. Or "I loved that little car I had." And it so wasn't my car...

Like that.

Jayne said...

Hey does that Chick think you're 60?! Because you are younger than I and I am not.

BBB said...

LOL. So did you quietly re-drape it over the chair?