Sunday, January 30, 2011

But on the other hand--the week in review

Here are some of the bright spots of the week that was--

1. Celebrated Ken's 56th birthday with all the kids. Except for Geoffrey and Alec. So in other words celebrated Ken's birthday with not all our kids. (Thanks to Dylan and Julie for giving Granny a ride!)
2. Sampled cupcakes from a cupcake store in Foothill Village called The Tooth Fairy
3. Met with my writers' group
4. Had a lovely dinner at the Alta Club
5. Saw a couple of Sundance films
6. Chatted on the phone with the Grand Dame of Utah Children's Letters, Bea Williams
7. Visited Waterford School and made friends with a (real) Chihuahua named Perry Mason
8. Wrote two columns for the Trib instead of my usual one column
9. Ate lunch with Louise
10. Watched BYU beat SDSU

On the other hand there were these things--

1. Didn't lose any weight
2. Received a number of manuscript rejections
3. Received more snotty e-mails than usual
4. Missed Gigi's performance in Circle Cycle due to ticket misunderstanding
5. Saw a couple of Sundance films
6. looked outside and saw dirty air, thus forcing me to pull the covers over my head
7. Lost sleep
8. Lost faith in the novel I'm writing
9. Discovered that my iPod had crashed (lost everything on it, too!)
10. Watched BYU lose to New Mexico

On the other hand--

1. Had useful conversations about writing with columnist Robert Kirby and agent Tracey Adams
2. Heard from a number of lovely friends and family members
3. Enjoyed a video chat with Chloe Ann and her parents
4. Walked the dogs
5. Knit four beanies
6. Blogged and read other blogs every day
7. Bought a potted pink hyacinth (and it smells divine)
8. Had vegetarian Chinese with Q and actually enjoyed it
9. I.M.ed with Geoff
10. Heard from Phil, who said he feels good about his test
11. Drank pots and pots of herbal tea and thought fondly of Lisa B.

So all in all there were more good things than bad things about this week. Now that's a good thing to realize!


Randi said...
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Randi said...

On the other hand-- I have different fingers.
Glad your week was more good than bad.
It was fun talking to you today. Can't wait to do it in person!

Lisa B. said...


Because so many of these things are so vivid and wonderful. It makes me want to

1. Go buy a pink hydrangea right now.
2. drink pots and pots of herbal tea
3. eat a pile of cupcakes
4. meet a chihuahua
5. have a good conversation about writing with someone wise
6. learn to knit again
7. see you immediately!

p.s. I thought your column on Sat was brill. The tristesse of the poodle as you went off to college! I was dabbing tears from my eyes. You are a genius (pronounce that all French-y, please).

Andria said...

I love your week in review and all of the wonderful things that happened (as well as a few un-wonderful things). Thank you for sharing!

radagast said...

How 'bout two Trib columns EVERY week? That would give me two good things for MY list. Step it up, sister.

Geeoff said...

I had tea at Kensington Palace today. Definitely not the kind of tea (iced tea mixed with a good amount of lemonade) I like, but it made me think of you!

Jayne said...

I'm so glad to hear that Bea is well - she was my neighbor for years and the two of them were so great to my boys who delivered their newspaper for many of them. She must have walked the circle around the development a million times! Always funny.

Anonymous said...

I love you.

shannon hale