Friday, January 14, 2011

Now here's something I didn't see coming

When we were in Jr. high, my girlfriend Gigi Ballif and I were into astrology. We bought those little horoscope books at the Woolworth's because we were fourteen and into self-discovery. And also we were bored.

Anyhoodle! I LOVED LOVED LOVED that I was an Aries because I just thought Aires people were uber attractive--all dynamic and and FIERY and full of passion not unlike those heroines in the historical romances I was reading. I had visions of myself being all uppity with the brooding Lord of the Manor who secretly dug my spunk and so forth because don't you know I was an Aries! And that's how Aries women are. Uppity. All "dude if you get in my grill I'm gonna get in yours."

Also, I felt kinda sorry for Gigi because she was a Pisces and who wants to be a fish anyway? Furthermore, who wants to date a fish? Certainly not the Lord of the Manor. I never said this to Gigi, though, because she couldn't help that her birthday was March 4 and why mention something you can't change?

EXCEPT APPARENTLY YOU CAN CHANGE IT. I just learned that they've added a thirteenth sign to the Zodiac, which means things have gotten shifted around a big, which means I am NOW A FISH. A fish, people.

The foundations of my world have been rocked. Rocked, I tell you.


Louise Plummer said...

Yes, it's the news of the morning. I have become a Leo instead of a virgo. it may be a better fit, actually.

You're no fish.

LucindaF said...

What the mild expletive? I'm not a capricorn anymore, I'm a sagittarius. This is oddly unnerving. Especially since I didn't know Gigi in junior high so I wasn't into astrological signs. But still. Come on!!

And no way you're a fish! You are way too uppity for that.

BBB said...

I like Louise think my new sign might be a better fit. It is a little unnerving though. I mean, how long has this been in the works?

Anne said...

Well I'm an ARIES now!

Lisa B. said...

I just read, however, and in contradistinction to this news, that perhaps this doesn't apply to the west? In any case, if it *does* apply to the west, I am also, like Louise, now a Leo. And that's just fine, probably, because I always thought everything they said about the Virgo seemed all wrong. Although I have no idea bout the Leo horoscopes because I never ever checked. And now I am in a tizzy. An astrological tizzy. Has the world gone mad?

Randi said...

Well, I was a Cancer, and who wants that name? It's like a bad omen. So this is terrific news for me!
ps: the verification word is vormated, like vomited but British.

Jenny said...

It seems I must leave my Aries past behind. I am now a fish. Bleh.