Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Jimmer time

A few years ago Ken and I had our youngest son's name legally changed. He went from being Quinton Edwards Cannon to Quinton Edwards COVEY Cannon in honor of my maternal grandfather who had just died. And then we gave this information to my mother for her Christmas present in hopes that she would leave us all her worldly possessions. KIDDING!

Anyway, last night Alec sent me a text suggesting we give Quinton yet another name. Jimmer. As in Quinton Edwards Covey Jimmer Cannon in hopes that Jimmer Fredette will leave us all HIS worldly possessions. Not kidding.

The thing is that it's fun to be a part of something like this. He's unique. Watching a local player tear it up on this level won't happen again any time soon. So you just gotta get your popcorn and drink, sit back and enjoy the show. His performance against SDSU last night?



Lisa B. said...

I have friends and relatives who have already changed their names to Jimmer.

On Facebook, that is.

LucindaF said...

We have changed all the descriptive words we use at our house to some form of Jimmer.

"That was Jimmerlicious."

"What the Jimmer are you talking about?"

"Could you pass me the Jimmer?"

"Get off your Jimmer and get up here."

"Those idiot commentors at the trib are gonna hate it when I go all Jimmer all over them."

"Dear Trib Mean Commentors, 47 - You got Jimmered!!!!!"
Cuz I know they're all Ute fans. Max Hall was right.
Ha ha, just kidding you Ute lovers who read Ann's blog. Atleast mostly kidding. I know, the kick was blocked. blah blah blah

BBB said...

Totally agree!

Becca said...

We are having some of that borrowed pride - like "he's our boy" somehow, even though, duh. He's not our boy. But we luuuurve him at our house, anyway.

LucindaF said...

I will say though, that my daughter has had a crush on Jackson Emery for a few years now. She just barely learned he's married. A sad day, indeed. But all hail to the Prince of Thieves. Boy is tenacious.