Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Handling criticism

Okay, everyone, I wasn't fishing when I posted on Monday. Well. MAYBE A LITTLE. But I did appreciate your comments about the "Special to the Trib" piece. That particular column pushed a lot of people's hostility buttons--I think I understand why, although frankly I'm still a little surprised--so your kind words buoyed me up yesterday. Which brings me to today's subject.

I'll confess. I did feel a little rattled by some of the feedback I received--it's never fun to be called lame, self-serving, self-indulgent, unfunny and incompetent, although if readers had attacked my cooking I would have REALLY been hurt. I guess what bothers me the most is that I let it . . . bother me. The bad part about letting stuff like that get under your skin is that it makes it so hard to write the next column or story or novel.

So. I want to open this up. How do you handle the unkind remark? Looking forward to your responses.


candace said...

it's been called humble pie...and it's been called hard to eat...but in the end--it's still just a piece of pie. eat it and poop it out. then just write in your unselfserving funny way and try to forget about it--the reality is, everyone else probably has.
p.s. it's okay that I told you to poop something out...right?
p.p.s. someone once told me I should be grateful to have an outpooring of critisism. at least it means you're being read, and some writers would die for that kind of attention :)

radagast said...

Well, I do try to remember that it's usually the angry crackpots who take the time to respond but, honestly, in a sea of warm, positive comments, it really is the one jellyfish sting that stays with me. Sorry. Not helpful. But obviously I love to follow your blog and column. For what that's worth.

Lisa B. said...

I crawl under the covers for precisely 2 days, watch television, and cry. And then I emerge with new energy. Honestly, this is what I do.

Those people were rude, btw, the ones who wrote rude comments. Rudy-rude Rudies.

Randi said...

My advice for you a la Liz Lemon is to tell them to eat your poo!

I don't really have any good advice, but here are my thoughts. I think it's awesome that the Trib ran a special article of yours. They obviously love you there. You definitely have a different audience with them.
Here's how I see it:
If those people don't like your articles, then they don't have to read them. But the thing is, I think they still will! And maybe they'll continue to make critical comments, but I hope you don't change a thing and keep doing you!

Dr. SWILUA said...

Denial. Works for everything.

Jayne said...

What I would want to do, is hope my adorable husband would post a comment that says "Whoa, there folks, my wife is so great and I thought it was funny that she took DP to church, so, maybe chill"? I think maybe you have one of those kicking around?

Ann said...

Thanks, everyone. And now I'm over it. You're the best.

BBB said...

I would have to second Candace's advice but add to it a drink on tap. That or go to the gym and work your ass off like you never have before. I mean serious sweat. Either extreme usually works for me. Better yet, work your ass off and then have the pie (or cupcake, or cookie) and DP. Oh and I like to write rebuttals to said rude comments, but then tuck them away for no one else to see. Sometimes it just helps to get it out.