Sunday, March 7, 2010

So far

I think Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are actually . . . really funny. Like this is making me laugh in the way that Billy Crystal used to when he hosted the show.

I like that Jeff Bridges' wife looks like she's about his age. Don't you?

Yeah. Penelope Cruz looks beautiful. Red is such a great color.

I think Matt Damon should win the oscar because he sounds so South African, the way he says "distiny" instead of "destiny." Like I was totally convinced.

Oh. Wait a minute. I want Captain Von Trapp to win.

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shelley said...

Captain Von Trapp's movie looks like I want to see it.
Steve Martin is so great. I'm with you on Miley Cyrus's slouching! YO! You're on TV! Stand up! But I like her earrings.

Daina and I are following your blog right now, by the way.