Sunday, March 7, 2010

I still have more to say

Have you seen "The Blind Side"? Should I see it? You'd think I'd have been in the first in line because dude! It's about football!
But again I sort of got put off by the Kathy Lee Gifford thing. And then okay. I'll confess. I have had a bellyful of the whole southern Christian football vibe . . . and well. Well, well, well, well. I should stop.

But I'll go if you say I should.

Okay. That ad with Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck was sweet.

Wow. Did Cameron Diaz just really screw up? Calling Steve Carrell "Jude" as in "Jude-oops-I-accidentally-slept-with-my-kids'-nanny Law"? Or was that planned?

Hmmm. I just saw that "Hangover" joke coming a mile away.

In addition to looking like Jodie Foster, Amanda Seyfried looks like Dakota Fanning. When she was twelve.


Marcia said...

someone in my family said i should see the sandra bullock movie. but i can't remember who. maybe sarah? or jen? or heidi? or maybe we were just all talking about thinking about seeing it. helpful, aren't i?

shelley said...

WHY is Robert Downey Junior WEARING BLUE GLASSES? He looks bad.