Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Possibly not a good sign

That 45 pages into my book (see what writing every day--except on wedding days--and also a few days before--and a few days after?) I can't say exactly what it's about.

People, think "plot nugget." I've mentioned this before--the idea that you should be able to say in two sentences what your book is about.

I'm a leetle alarmed, actually.


Kerry said...

nah, that's OK. two *hundred* pages in, now that's a problem.

are you still doing 1000 words a day? I need to do that again. Because dude. (I did write one sentence today, though! That's progress!)

Lisa B. said...

I agree with Kerry. Not a problem. Yet.

Wow. I am going to start a poem a day for April, starting on Thursday. Better start getting my ideas on.

Becca said...

I find it fascinating (and intimidating) that you generally know what your books are about by this point. I have plot-knowledge envy. (Is that a wikipedia topic? Because it should be.)

LucindaF said...

Just go watch Roan Inish.

I think that because you're thinking about it, it'll happen.

p.s Bren said he can't wait to read it.

Louise Plummer said...

No, forty pages isn't a magic number. You'll figure it out in the next thirty pages. A fascinating process.

angiechapiglet said...

I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you get to the end and still can't figure it out, then that something to worry about.

Happy Birthday!

Donna Tagliaferri said...

I am just glad to read something that didn't include Harry Reid...thank you!!