Sunday, March 7, 2010


Can I just say how much I hate that ad with all the Victoria Secret models going "I love my body" like this is some big empowering thing. Dollfaces. EVERYONE loves your bodies. And there's nothing magic about your underwear. Putting it on THIS body won't make it look like YOUR bodies.

Oh. Let's see if Cameron Diaz remembered to comb her hair this year.

Yes! She did!

Memo to Ryan Seacrest: Stop interrupting your guests. We want to hear them, not you. (Except we don't really want to hear them either. Time to turn down the sound again.)

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Marcia said...

almost as if I'm watching them and not ducking every time I walk through the living room because I'm sick of the disney/pbs/whatever that crap is dvd marathon the girls are having. Thanks, Ann!