Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Question of the day

Why is it that red velvet cupcakes invariably disappoint? Like, I always THINK they're gonna be killer--just a big old plate of migraine-making chocolate with some sexy cream cheese frosting on the side. So I buy. Dash to my car. Rip open the boxlet. Take out the cupcake. And taste.

And feel . . . like I could spend my calories in more satisfying ways.

After which I eat the whole thing.

I drove out to Diva's on 33rd South--another cupcake, sandwich place--and bought the red velvet. It was fine. But not quite fine enough. (Have to say Diva's is a pretty cute place, though.) I think my favorite red velvet is still the one at Mini's, although they have to go and screw things up a little by putting chopped pecans on the frosting.

MEMO TO THE WORLD: Please do not chop your pecans and put them on my food crap. Thank you.


Lisa B. said...

Wha? you don't like pecans?

However: red velvet is pretty, and that is why we invariably end up disillusioned with it. Pretty doesn't deliver the flavor.

Let that be a lesson.

BBB said...

This is a very good question because the truth is that red velvet is usually just very average. But it has all the makings to be amazing. I don't get it.

You'll have to call Mini's the day before and ask them to save the life of one of those little red velvets from pecans. Because on this, I'm with you again. Keep your nuts to yourself.

Sidenote: Thank you Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for English Toffee sans nuts.

The next time you're in Provo, you have to go try a place called The Chocolate Dessert Cafe. They have some pretty amazing baked goods. They're located on State Street in Orem. I've driven down there solely to visit them and it was worth it.

Andria said...

You are the third person in less than 24 hours to tell me about this Diva's place. I think it must mean something. But what?

And now I'm craving cream cheese frosting.

If I ever find a perfect red velvet cupcake, you'll be the first to know.

Annika said...

You know, my mom and I both feel like the cupcake places we've been to around Salt Lake have been pretty disappointing. We've been to mini's and one other place I don't recall where and the batter they use is just not wowin' us. They are very pretty though.

Amy said...

"don't put them in my food crap" might be my new motto in life. Do you think I could cross-stitch it for my kitchen wall?

Mystery Girl said...

Try Divas in the Summer when they have the back patio open - I've had their red velvet but I prefer the vanilla:-)

Sara Z. said...

MEMO TO THE WORLD: Put Ann's chopped pecans on MY food crap. Thank you!