Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I don't really like

Green apples. Or licorice. So why did I just eat a whole bag of green apple licorice? There is just something so so so wrong with me.

In other news! I finished the Dresden Files book. It was fun but I'm not sure I'll read another. Loved the concept--Mickey Spillane Meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I just think the author could have done so very much more with the great Chicago setting.

I myself have an idea for a mystery series kicking around in my head. I don't know what stops me from giving it a try. Slacker-ness for one thing. And also the sense that maybe someone somewhere would end up writing posts like "I just think the author could done so very much more with the great southern Utah setting" . . .


Lisa B. said...


No one will ever say that. You have learned the Dresden Files lesson: do more with that [insert location] setting. And, having learned it, you will not forget it. That's just how you are.

Now: onto your snacking habits. Green apple licorice gaaaaaaaaa.

word verif: stfawki. Are we in 17th century England? Because I'm pretty sure they didn't have green apple licorice in that century and country. Another thing I am sure you will never do is have anachronistic snacks in your great southern Utah setting. Because that's just how you are.

LucindaF said...

Write a mystery. Because I said so.

Green apple licorice. Maybe you're pretending you're 10 years old again. That's when I would've scarfed a whole bag of that stuff.

Australian licorice is good. Not that I would know because I don't eat sugary stuff.