Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mamas don't let your babies

grow up to discover Kookaburra licorice from Australia. Because even if they don't really like licorice--especially green apple licorice--they may become obsessed. And even though it's snowing outside, they may feel compelled to go to the nearest 7-11. While wearing flip-flops. Even though it's snowing. Because their running shoes are still wet. And their church shoes would look stupid with sweats. And they can't find their other shoes. Or at least they don't want to take the time to FIND their other shoes. Because you know what? They NEED that licorice.

Right. This. Very. Minute.

(Can you guess what I did yesterday?)


LucindaF said...

Honey, Aussie Licorice is SOOO expensive at the gas station. I do understand the drive for immediate gratification.(Trust me on that.)

Also, I think flip flops with sweats is highly appropriate. Since yesterday I put on my husbands shoes while wearing my sweats to pick up my daughter.
(I was cleaning all day.)

It was snowing yesterday? Ugh for you.

Lisa B. said...

but what is the flavor of this licorice (which is a pretty word, both to write and to say, so there's that)?

I am being prudent and not busting out my flipflops yet. However, I think I may *buy* this pair of fancy flipflops that are at target. They are pale pink and have a big flower on them, also pale pink, and they are made of leather. They would go perfectly with the pale pink raincoat I just bought, also at Target. Also, this jewelry is on sale at Target, which I only didn't buy yesterday because I couldn't figure out which one I liked best. I think I couldn't figure it out because I was sick, because when I read the words "I didn't buy" I think, wow, you must have been sick. Otherwise, there is just no explanation.

Randi said...

It's more like "babies don't let your mammas know about aussie locorice!":)

Amy said...

They sell it as 7-11? I totally thought I'd have to go to some quacky specialty store to try it you're considered a dealer you know....