Sunday, March 7, 2010

Live! From the Oscars!

So I just turned on "E" and saw Ryan Seacrest interview Sigourney Weaver and wow! She's twice as big as he is. It's official! Sigourney Weaver = My Favorite Giantess!

He's talking to Diane Kruger now. Apparently she borrowed part of Bjork's swan dress.

Did anyone see "Blind Side"? I'm guessing Sandra Bullock was fab. But here's why I didn't see it. Because her character looked like Kathy Lee Gifford.

Faith Hill. Wearing black. Slit up to there. Fancy panty hose.

Who knew that Amanda Seyfriend and Jodie Foster look so much alike?

Actually, I just turned the sound down so I don't have to listen to actors talk without scripts. Listening to actors talk without scripts is often v. depressing.

MEMO TO RACHEL MCADAMS: Doll. You're so much more beautiful as a brunette.

Wow! Jake Gyllenhal isn't that much taller than Ryan Seacrest. This means My Favorite Giantess Sigourney Weaver would tower over him, too!

I know. It's sad that I know who all these people are. And that I have opinions.

More shortly.

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Amy said...

I am going to thoroughly enjoy this morning's reading. Maybe I'll have to space these out throughout the day to keep me smiling.