Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wherein I remember to take some pictures at a family celebration

Hey!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey!  Ken Cannon wants to say Happy Thanksgiving, too!

That was so much fun, we're gonna do it again!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Busted!  No more turkey for you, Jacques-fu!

Thanks for a great day, you two.


Lisa B. said...

Looks like a happy day to me. Your folks look great! (p.s. I am thankful for YOU.)

James said...

Good to see, Jacques has to face punishment now and then. I am surprised he wasn't congratulated on being so clever or athletic to be able to steal the turkey.

Philsy C said...

Wherein I correct you... it's not "Thanks for a great day, you two." It's: "Thanks for a great day, you three." (Don't forget Jacques!)