Friday, December 20, 2013

Chapter Twelve: wherein I discuss the other fun thing that happened when I was an undergrad

I got married.

I know.  "Fun" and "marriage"--especially when you're both still undergrads--seems like an odd combination.  You know.  Like some weird ice creams people make in pretentious restaurants (lavender ice cream, rosemary ice cream, honey and thyme ice cream).  Basically here's my one of my Rules for Living:  don't put herbs in your ice cream.

Anyway.  Ken and I got married when we were young and stupid, and although there were adjustments OF COURSE I enjoyed him, and I enjoyed living at Wymount Terrace which was a lot like living in a dorm for married people.  Or at least I assume it was, although I wouldn't know.  As you'll recall I lived at home during college.

Anyway again.  We didn't have kids right away, so we enjoyed a lot of time together--playing cards and board games, going to movies with discount tickets from the bookstore, watching General Hospital during lunch break.  And you know what?  Now that the kids are gone, we're doing a lot of those same things again--not counting the General Hospital part.


James said...

That may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said or written about Wymount Terrace...but its true. It was a fun place to live.

Louise Plummer said...

There was a wonderful equality about married student housing.

Lisa B. said...

You're crazy about the herbs in ice cream. It is good, Ann Cannon! Lavender ice cream is GOOD.

I always envied the Wymounts. We lived in squalor off campus and I always thought it seemed super tidy to live at Wymount. Tidy and, like, a non-stop party of talking and board games, yes, and better snacks and friends over all the time. Am I making it better than it was? Shut up, it is my fake envy memory and I want to keep it pristine.