Monday, December 2, 2013

Chapter Five: wherein I am struck ill

In this chapter I will discuss the Epic Bike Accident when I was six years old which led to the Epic Infection that went systemic and attacked my Epic Kidneys, thus forcing me into the hospital and later into my bed for an Epic Seven Months--during which time I did not cavort much with other human beings.

Everything about me and my life changed after this illness.  It's probably why I grew up bookish and became a writer.

I know!  Turning Point!


radagast said...

Epic! I'm so glad you got sick! :)
How many times did you use this "turning point" as a topic for a school paper?

James said...

I do not mean to minimize the misfortune, but you have made magic from it. Would you do it again? probably not. Would you change it if you had the chance? I hope not.

Jeanna Stay said...

Are you sure you aren't confusing yourself with that kid from The Princess Bride (the book more than the movie)? I hate it when I get my life confused with a book I read! :)

Lisa B. said...

I really want this to be a book, frls. with all the chapters. also, I am laughing in a chuckle fashion at what radagast said about the school paper.