Monday, December 9, 2013

Missing Q

My son:  Mormondom's answer to the Singing Nun.


James said...

I miss Q. Great pictures. It would be cool if he could Mormondom's answer to the Flying Nun too.

Lisa B. said...

Great pics! And I like James's idea. In fact, I think we should all be able to both sing and fly in our various faith traditions, whatsoe'er they be.

(by the way, Blogger's autocorrect just tried to tell me that my archaic, charming spelling of "whatsoe'er" should be "whatsoever," which stop bossing me around Blogger!)

(word verif: pray ogynone, as in "Blogger, pray ogynone my whatsoe'er!")

Louise Plummer said...

Oh that beach! Oh Q, a beach!

Philsy C said...

I love the first picture because of how white Q's legs are. They are blindingly so.