Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chapter Eight: Wherein I discuss The Big Ugh, aka "junior high school"

In this chapter I will discuss how to this day whenever I find out that a kid is in seventh grade, I'll go "do you hate it?"  And I'm always surprised when they go "no!  Seventh grade is awesome!"  And then I call that kid a liar--sometimes to his/her face, but only if the kid's parent is out of earshot.

Anyway.  I hated junior high school and when I look at pictures of myself from then, it's clear why I did.  I was all nose and glasses and pimples.  Also, we had to do squat thrusts in gym class every day while wearing green jumpsuits.  My jumpsuit didn't fit.  Whereas my nose was too big for my face, my jumpsuit was too small for my butt.  Can you say uncomfortable?

The good news was that I had a friend who was as geeky as I was.  Gigi Ballif.  I also had a friend who was not geeky--Becky Brown.  She was elected "Miss Hi" and her boyfriend, Rusty Boshard, was elected "Mr. Hi" the first week of school.   I'm not making that up.  The good news was that Becky said hi to geeks.

And that's how we became life-long friends.


radagast said...

These chapters are like the best-ever advent calendar!

Kim Woodruff said...

My oldest started 7th grade this year. When she had her first dramatic clash with mean girls, I was a wreck. I realized five kids means 15 years of reliving junior high for me. :) She, however, has handled it like a pro, and she loves junior high. So far so good.

Lisa B. said...

Miss Hi? That is amazing. I love that.

Emily said...

My daughter's in 8th grade. It's painful sometimes, but I feel like she's learning a lot about life...cause, guess what?, there are mean grown-up girls too.