Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving, TRQ, and other things

Happy day after Thanksgiving.  I'm hoping you all enjoyed your holiday, which (I think) is a grand little holiday.  One of my faves.

Anyway.  It was quiet for us this year--just Ken Cannon, Geoff, my parents, and I at the familias trough.  We decided to eat at 2:00, but by the time 3:00 hit and we still weren't eating?  Well.  We were getting restless.

That's when TRQ discovered that had some point she'd turned the oven off, which made it challenging for the turkey to get itself all roasted.  Turkeys are picky like that.

Gotta love a good holiday mishap, right?

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Lisa B. said...

There's a lot at stake with that bird, is there not? One mishap and boom where's dinner? I loved the pic that one of your kids? posted of you at rest on the sofa. Now that's a tradition I can get behind.