Thursday, November 14, 2013


Lisa B. sent me a message the other day asking if I were feeling better-ish after my bout with the flu.  Only better-ish was auto-corrected to "butterfish," because (of course) that's a term real people use in real conversations all the day.  Thank you, auto-correct!

Butterfish!  Butterfish!  Butterfish!

I love this word, and I now challenge all of us to use it and make it part of mainstream English by the year 2015.  WE CAN DO IT!

REPORTER AT NEWS CONFERENCE:  How would you characterize the state of the economy now?

POTUS:  It's doing butterfish, a fact for which we can all be grateful this Thanksgiving season.

Anyway, I am definitely doing butterfish today, although I still have some of The Queasy left and also I had my eyes zapped this morning at the doctor's office to deal with scar tissue leftover from my cataract surgery two years ago.  So I'm having another sort of semi-languishing day which lends itself to a bit of melancholy, actually.

I'll talk about that tomorrow.

Meanwhile!  Butterfish!


Melissa Mc said...

Brent Musburger: "Wow! Johnny Manziel did it again, the old end around butterfish, haven't seen that play in awhile."

cfarr said...

I can't stop giggling😂...

radagast said...

Mmm. Butterfish.

James said...

Dr. Seuss:

One Fish
Two Fish
Good Fish

Jeanna Stay said...

Now I really want to go eat some fish. Preferably slathered in butter.