Thursday, November 7, 2013


So I do way more stuff online than I ever thought I would.  But when it comes to browsing, I still prefer a catalog in hand.  What about you?

Maybe this stems from my childhood.  The arrival of the Sears Christmas Wishbook was a HUGE deal.  My friends and I would sit on the front porch, eating cookie dough and poring over the pages of toys.  What a pleasure that was.

My current favorite catalog is the Vermont Country Store catalog.  As one radio dj I heard remark, it has awesome lingerie.  Girdles!


jake&annmarie said...

My mother still shops exclusively with catalogs and the phone. The other day she wanted me to order her something had not been able to find so she gave me her credit card and then said, "now you call Amazon and get that ordered for me." Imagine getting the amazon catalog in the mail.

Lisa B. said...

I count it a good day when catalogs come in the mail. I hardly ever buy anything with catalogs anymore, or sometimes I use them as, basically, print indexes for cool things that I will buy on a website. But mostly, I just consider them a fat, fun treat for me.