Friday, November 22, 2013

Chapter Three: wherein we take a big trip

In this chapter I will discuss how my parents put me and my brother in the back of a station wagon sans seat belts (America was reckless in those days) and drove to the Seattle Worlds Fair.  My brother and I pretended we were smoking cigarettes the whole time.  I was five.  He was three.  On the way there I tasted cherry pie in a restaurant and became obsessed with cherry pie.  When we saw the Space Needle for the first time, I told my dad that I was pretty sure people were sitting inside the Space Needle, eating cherry pie.

While in Seattle we stayed with a family who lived on a farm-ish thing with a donkey who apparently thought he was a rooster, because he brayed every morning at the same time and woke everybody up.

Dude.  That was some donkey.


Amelia said...

This is my favorite post yet. Kindergartner Ann, smoking her way to Seattle becoming obsessed with Cherry pie. If that isn't a book in a nutshell, I'll be darned.

James said...

Even though its raining here where I am not in Seattle, in my office with no Donkey in sight, and its the season for excellent pumpkin pie, I somehow long to be in Seattle, with a donkey, eating cherry pie.

Lisa B. said...

Remember when we all pretended to smoke? because so many people smoked back in the day! and candy cigarettes! Also, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with cherry pie no matter where someone is eating it, as long as I can have a piece.